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Our mission is to help 1 million committed Fathers, like you, understand their fathering style better so you can positively impact your child’s future.

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In under 16 minutes you can learn your fathering style by taking our assessment that fathers around the world have participated in for over 30 years.

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You’ll learn about your strengths as a father and opportunities for improvement in the seven areas identified by our research which distinguish effective fathers from typical fathers.

Over 80,000 fathers around the globe rely on the National Center for Fathering’s input for a roadmap to be more engaged in the lives of their children and this is the first crucial step.

Because here’s the truth about children whose fathers aren’t in the know or engaged…

Emotional Difficulties

Children without involved fathers have more emotional and behavioral difficulties in adolescence

Susceptible to Peer Pressure

Children without involved fathers are more susceptible to peer pressure

Psychological Distress

Girls who don’t have a strong relationship with their fathers during adolescence showed more psychological distress in adult life

Poorer Adult Marriages

Teenagers who don’t feel close to their fathers in adolescence go on to have less satisfactory adult marital relationships

Live in Poverty

Children with less involved fathers are more likely to live in poverty

Increased Criminal Activity

Children whose fathers are not engaged in their education are more likely to drop out of school or be involved in criminal activity

But we know that’s not you because you’re here.

Which means now that you are on the path to becoming an even greater father, your next step is to learn your fathering style.

This is a big step, and we are so excited for you.

This has had a positive impact on fathers around the globe and we know it will change you and your child’s lives also.

Now, we just sent you an email with the link to our free video sharing 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers.

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Here's a sneak peek of what's inside!

Fathering Assessment

A state-of-the-are assessment tool with brief questions and excellent technical qualities to help measure your 7 aspects of fathering.

Fathering Report

After answering the brief questions you will receive individual scores on each of the 7 aspects of fathering to assess your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Video Instructions

After taking your assessment and reviewing your score for each fathering aspect, Dr. Ken Canfield will review and guide you through your next steps for each secret.

Fathering Worksheets

Each of the 7 secrets has their own fathering worksheets for you to use while watching the video of Dr. Ken Canfield. These worksheets will help you reflect and plan out your actions steps.

Fathering Articles and Resources

After reviewing your report from each of the 7 Secrets and watching your video instructions from Dr. Ken Canfield, you will have additional articles and resources to help you dive deeper if you wish in each of the 7 aspects.

Small Group

Dr. Ken Canfield reveals the most powerful Secret, number 8 and walks you through the power of leading a group of other fathers to grow and support one another.

Typically Assessments
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