Kevin L

God used this to change my life! I cant begin to tell you in this short space just what happened inside my heart during this time with you Dr. Canfield. Not only did God change my life He also placed a pretty strong call upon my life to minister to the families in my region. … Read More

Scott P

Thanks so much for your presentation. I really try and work hard at being a father and I walked away feeling better equipped. It paid off this weekend when my daughter and I were heading to lunch together and I remembered the ‘quiz’ you gave us so I started asking her about her favorite food, … Read More

Richard C

Thank you! I really enjoyed receiving all the great information and fathering skills. I look forward to implementing many of the skills in my own house as well as sharing them with other dads at my church. On that note, I anticipate using much of this information in the men’ group at my church.

Marge T

I want to thank you because it has caused me to recognize and appreciate the fathering things that my husband does. Things that I have not really understood that happen between fathers and kids. Because of this understanding, I am able to encourage and thank and “butt out” when I need to, which makes my … Read More

Lance S.

I came from a terribly dysfunctional family and for a long time I hid behind drugs and alcohol. Happy to say I met a real good woman who, for some reason, stayed with me even after she found out what a terrible drunk I was. We have been married 15 years now and have a … Read More

Russ H.

I must tell you how much I appreciate your program! I am convinced that it is the most informative, I have ever heard. You continually amaze me how you can say so much with so few words. Each program is “packed to the gills” with such great information in such easy to understand language. Every … Read More

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